About NICERecs

(about us, delivered products and services)

NICERecs is a data-driven consulting and recruiting company. We connect innovative companies with STEM professionals from all over the world. (STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics+Management)

In general, all STEM high-potentials, job-seekers, students, freelancers, virtual assistants, and companies.

A small, but a powerful international team of experts from engineering, IT, HR, and other areas. We are the NICERecs (Nice Recruiters)!

We follow the highest data safety standards worldwide, the European GDPR standard. In addition, our main data server is placed  in Europe with safe, robust and transparent Open Source software. (GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation)

Our standard services are free of charge for the job-seekers and will remain free forever.

Our B2B clients are innovative companies from the technology sector. For example STEM or heavy-duty industries.

Find the right job

(what to do to get the right job)

Check your email and confirm our invitation to the portal; define your credentials and login. That’s the standard link to the Candidate’s Portal.

Visit our official Job Portal or investigate the internal opportunities in the Candidate Portal

Beyond the resume, it’s very helpful to know the job-seeker’s LinkedIn profile to complete the data in our ATS. In addition, the companies usually ask for university degrees and certificates in PDF format.

Our target is to arrange the first interview with a potential employer within 10 days. And in general, we reduce the typical time to hire in the STEM sector by more than 50%.

We created our own, optimized resume template, which is machine readable. Feel free to download it here. In addition, the created PDF should be in PDF/A format and not as a pixel-graphic.

In general, we associate your profile automatically with all possible job-openings in our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to provide the best match. You can also apply manually for single job-openings in your Candidate’s-Portal.

Usually, The next step is an official interview with the potential employer

Working & Living in Germany

(lot of stuff, that might be new to you)

When a German is at work, they are focused and diligent, which in turn leads to higher productivity in a shorter period of time.

No you can’t and you should at least be able to understand the basics to handle the minimal requirements. Also for your private and administrative visits.

Visa Application Process

(more info will come soon ...)

Usually the visa is processed by the companies, but we cooperate with the best agencies in the country.