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CompanyEvoBus GmbH
Founding Year1995
Headquarters CityStuttgart
Headquarters CountryGermany
IndustryJ091-Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
Locations(GER) Mannheim, Neu-Ulm (FR) Ligny (ES) Sámano
Main ProductsP230-Busses
Median Tenure in Years4,3
SpecialitiesManufacturing; Product-Development; R&D-Campus; Smart-Factory; Test-Area; Virtual-Engineering
Supply ChainOEM; Tier 1

Last update on 29 August 2022

Evobus / Neu-Ulm cuts headcount by 600

Evobus / Neu-Ulm cuts headcount by 600

Key Takeaways In order to save costs, the company wants to relocate part of the bus production abroadhigh production costs pressure Read more about this topic here https://www.br.de/nachrichten/bayern/600-arbeitsplaetze-weniger-schock-bei-evobus-in-neu-ulm,TAFfWwf Gain more…


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