On our platform, we provide the perfect match between companies and the candidates.

Started beginning in 2021 in Starthouse Spessart in Lohr. We are a digital talent-acquisition startup from Germany and Sweden and connect companies with the right experts to work on success.

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Damian Berghof

Damian Berghof

Founder, Managing Director
Ex-Bosch Engineer

Nasrin Solati

Nasrin Solati

Operations, Project Management
Works for Volvo Trucks

Ronny Denk

Ronny Denk

Board Advisor
General Sales Strategy

Julian Lübeck

Julian Lübeck

(Extern: MediaScope-StartUp) Social Media, Brand Development



Software Development, Databases

Manali Rane

Manali Rane

Regional Manager Germany

Ariadna Szeplaki

Ariadna Szeplaki

Regional Manager Spain, South America


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The trademark NICERecs has been officially registered at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.

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Interesting interview with Damian Berghof from NICERecs and Christian Maier (StartUp cherry-click) both from the Starthouse Spessart in Lohr.

Is the Starthouse Spessart worthwhile for company founders? 
(Lohnt sich das Starthouse Spessart für Unternehmensgründer?)

Recruiting Expert sitting in front of a laptop with cup of coffee | Co-Working-Space
Damian Berghof im Starthouse Lohr am Main | Photographer Corbinian Wildmeister, via https://www.mainpost.de/regional/main-spessart/interview-lohnt-sich-das-starthouse-spessart-fuer-unternehmensgruender-art-10721007
hero and startup rocket with bavarian flag, text: "Start?Zuschuss!-Förderung 2022"
NICErecs ist einer der Gewinner der Start?Zuschuss! Förderung 2022 in Bayern


As one of 36 StartUps from all over Bavaria, our startup NICERecs received the “Start?Zuschuss!” grant from the Bavarian Government in the amount of €36,000.


NICERecs and L&W Consulting – both digital StartUps from the Starthouse Spessart in Lohr – respond to the crisis in the Ukraine and created a job matching platform: MSP Jobs For Ukraine to connect refugees from the Ukraine with local companies in  the Main-Spessart region.

Read more about the initiative in the local press!

StartUp NICErecs supports refugees from Ukraine in Lohr
StartUp NICErecs supports refugees from Ukraine in Lohr in 2022 | Photography by Boris Dauber, via https://www.mainpost.de/regional/main-spessart/zwei-start-ups-helfen-fluechtlingen-bei-der-jobsuche-art-10779690


One of the podcasts recorded with our team in the Starthouse Spessart in Lohr! This time by the team BOX&Beutel – “der Mainfrankenpodcast”


Damian supported on 2 days the Baycode-Initiative from the ReDi-School in Munich.

Read more about it in the local press!

IT Experts discussing topics on a school table
Digitalministerin von Bayern Judith Gerlach, Damian Berghof (StartUp NICERecs), Schülerin Lilli Pfister, Photographer Sylvia Schubart-Arand via https://www.main-echo.de/regional/kreis-main-spessart/start-fuer-baycode-an-karlstadter-mittelschule-art-7563827
Damian Berghof | StartUp NICERecs | "Article in the Gründermagazin Mainfranken 2022"
Damian Berghof | StartUp NICERecs | "Article in the Gründermagazin Mainfranken 2022, Katja Eden", via https://www.wuerzburg.de/downloads/index.html?catalog=gruendermagazin2022


Amazing article in the “Gründermagazin Mainfranken Ausgabe 5/2022” about the perfect job-match from NICERecs

20.08.2022 (planned)

NICERecs team (Nice Recruiters) is preparing for industrial fair “BAUMA 2022”, the world`s largest trade fair in the construction machinery!

What the hell we are planning to do there?

Stay tuned and follow our activities on social media for more updates about this topic soon!

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